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Having a Dorothy moment #Kansas #Offtoseethewizard
This big ass buffalo has a @civilaviationmusic on its chin #omaha #dtcvtour

Upsidedown @spaceshipsla @spacechild23 in Columbia Missouri with Kevin in the dark coz the lights suuuuuck

Watching #gameofthrones for the first time. Really makes you want to listen to King Crimson.
Took lots of Krazy Glue but all fixed. The glasses, too. #glue
Gonna rock the Bub shirt tonight at the Bishop in honor of Bloomington’s cutest resident @iamlilbub
My phone took this picture by itself. Well done, phone. #markrothkolivesinmyphone
Ok last one. PJ’s Lager House basement. #thedirtbombs
Motor City Baby #detroit  #ilovethedirtbombs
Staring at these trees in the snow makes me happy #Canada #winterdtcv
This guy #dogsontour
Day off walk with duckies #tour #dtcvinnature
Thank you NY for being grey and overcast #iloveny

disgustingly awesome show flier gif by the disgustingly awesome molly steadman